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My friend, d’Artagnan, died in my arms this afternoon at 2:39 pm Pacific Time, March 28, 2014.

It was my honor to be with d’Artagnan throughout the time of his passing.

My friend, dÁrtagnan, a black standard poodle, would have been 13 years old on June 13th.

During the night and early this morning, the darkness was silent and aware. It knew that a destiny was to be fulfilled this day.

I thought I heard the Banshee cry, but maybe it was just the call of a distant coyote. I heard an owl calling in the night. To the ancient Celts, the wail of the Banshee announces the coming of death, as does the call of the owl to native Americans.

I knelt alert behind the windows of my eyes watching d’Artagnan’s last moments in our temporal world slowly slip away. Today was the closing of many days, the opening of eternity, the beginning of the longest day. Tempus fugit, time flies. Transience passes into eternity. A great circle is closing. Click.

The ancient Celts knew that our earthly body lives within the shelter of our eternal soul. It is a great comfort to know that we are held safely and securely within such a powerful, sacred, eternal strength.

During his steady, relentless passage into the longest day, d’Artagnan thought of the lady who loves him. He shared that the Lady of the Pale Gold Hair is the treasure of his life. The warm, soothing, loving touch of her soft, gentle hands is the kindest, most treasured touch he has ever known.

A gentle drowsiness washed over d’Artagnan as he felt himself slipping softly into sleep, carried upward by the reassuring strength of gentle hands.

“In my old age, I am frail and weak, my energy depleted. Still my love is constant and loyal. My love holds dearest within me the memory of she who loves me, the beautiful, kind Lady of the Pale Gold Hair.”

“She who loves me without fail is the light in my soul that shines brightest. My eyes fill with tears of joy at the thought of she who is beautiful, and good, and trustworthy, and true. I am blest with grace unlooked for, touched by the hands of love. The gentle touch of loving memory warms my heart.”

“My memory is strong and clear. It resides within me. It preserves the eternal flame of my loyalty and love for the Lady of the Pale Gold Hair. She loves me best. I love her more.”

“Though my time on earth is fading fast, somehow I run easily, strongly, confidently, even eagerly. Up ahead is the welcoming new world called eternity, where all things are forever “now”, always present. My soul acquires unexpected courage, new strength surges into my body. Darkness recedes behind me. Light gathers ahead of me. I hear the most unbelievably beautiful music.”

“I am comforted by a sense of perfect peace in these last moments of my life on earth. It seems I am being pulled upward through a softly lighted passageway to some wonderful place. I feel upward rising, gentle fresh air floating me upward until, at last, I am lofted into blue sky and bright sunshine.”

“What’s this? I am welcomed by a happy gathering of bright, smiling faces. Old friends and new friends welcome me. It appears that I am expected. I receive a great welcome.”

“The destiny of earthly life is death, but death is not to be feared. Death is but that temporary moment of being lofted upward through a softly lighted passageway into eternal presence with the Maker of All Things.

“My body of clay is returning to its origin. My soul of light is returning to its source. I am coming home to the place of beginning.”

“I am d’Artagnan, loved by the Lady of the Pale Gold Hair. It is love that has cared for me all my life, and love that has rescued me after all. Among earthly creatures, I am most blest. I stand in the presence of God. I belong here. A circle of unexpected understanding closes. Click. I am really home.”

“I am in that place the ancient Celts knew as Tír na n-Óg, the Land of Eternal Youth, where time has no “past” nor “future, where time is always “now.”

“Je suis d’Artagnan, capitaine des mousquetaires du Roi, la cavalerie royale. Par la grâce de Dieu, je ne regrette rien.”

“I have returned home to the place of all beginning. My soul is at peace in the presence of Love. With tears of joy in my eyes, a great understanding becomes clear. I am overwhelmed with profound respect for the Maker of All Things. I know now, He is Love itself.”