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Ukraine’s Frontline Rescuers

Apr 13, 2022 – This video was put together after spending a few weeks at the Ukraine – Poland border, meeting the refugees, supplying the warehouse with pet food, crossing the border, encountering horrifying tragedy, bringing back animals and the road to recovery.

April 26, 2022 – Asya Serpinska, 77-year-old Hostomel Animal Shelter owner, went toward the front lines to rescue animals caught in the fighting.

September 15, 2022 – In Ukraine, volunteers care for thousands of horses saved from the war zone. Newsy’s Jason Bellini spent time with Taisia Stadnichenk, a passionate horse lover who coordinates the rescues and serves as the head of operations at the Ukrainian Equestrian Federation.

October 3, 2022 – For this mission into Ukraine, Nick drove 4.5 hours to villages near the Russian border to collect some pets to be reunited with their owners later that evening. When he arrived to off-load the pets, it was pitch black and curfew was underway, so the companion animals were collected quickly by their owners and spent their first night warm and safe after the trauma of 7 months of war.

December 15, 2022 – Since the invasion of Ukraine in February, what constitutes as ‘victory’ in Russia’s war has changed for Vladimir Putin, as battlefield failures mount across the country. Gaining ground in the Donbass and across Eastern Ukraine is all the more important to Moscow. It’s where the bloodiest battles have been fought. The communities who live next to the frontline are caught in the crossfire, with constant shelling and increasingly difficult conditions, as power outtages increase and the temperature drops as winter sets in. Filmmaker Jack Losh spent two weeks with the firefighters of Toretsk, in Donbass, close to the line of Russian control. They’ve become reluctant experts in battlefield first aid, and the delicate task of negotiating with people who don’t want to leave their homes. You may find some of the images in this report upsetting.

January 18, 2023 – This is a most suspenseful documentary film. It was made in 2022 by famous Ukrainian director Lubomir Levitski. It tells about the unique rescue operation with drones which was carried out by the Ukrainian military during the brutal battles near Izyum. Real participants of that operation speak their story to the camera, so that the whole world would learn about the incredible feat and creative approach of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in rescuing civilians. The real footage taken by drones during this operation was handed over to Lubomir by the military of the 93rd Brigade “Holodny Yar”. Thirty minutes of intense real-time rescue operation is impossible to forget. The director managed to combine documentary with an incredibly interesting artistic approach in telling this story.


February 1, 2023 – The animals of Ukraine need help.

June 8, 2023 – Witness the inspiring story of Anna Kurkurina, a former Ukrainian powerlifter, who dedicates her strength to saving helpless animals from the devastating floods in the Kherson region. After a major dam collapse, thousands of Ukrainians were forced to abandon their homes and pets. Kurkurina, along with her team of rescuers, braved the rising floodwaters to ensure the survival of these abandoned pets. This video showcases her heroic efforts and the brighter, drier future she’s helping to create for these animals.

June 10, 2023 – February 24 our country woke up to flying rockets and explosions! The governmental authorities of the Russian Federation started a full-scale war against our country… So many families leave the country and their pets are just left behind on the streets. We don’t leave the country, we continue to feed stray dogs and rescue as many animals as we can. Please pray for Ukraine, please pray for us and our Furry Friends to be safe.

June 14, 2023 – This dramatic footage shows volunteers risking their lives to rescue cats and dogs from flooded areas in the Kherson region of Ukraine after a major dam was destroyed. Members of Animal Rescue Kharkiv have been navigating the city of Nova Kakhovka by motorboat to rescue stranded animals, many seeking sanctuary on rooftops. The brave volunteers have rescued more than 150 animals so far.

June 20, 2023 – After Ukraine’s Nova Kakhovka dam was destroyed on June 6th and thousands of people were evacuated from the city of Kherson, hundreds of pets and farm animals were left stranded in flood water. Cats, dogs and chickens had to survive for days without food or family. Volunteers from The Kyiv Animal Rescue Group travelled to the region, navigating inundated towns and treacherous conditions to return animals to their owners.