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Habiru, the Dusty Ones

The Dusty OnesMore than thirty years it’s been
Since we three searchers pursued the star,
Along the ancient caravan passage,
Westward from Aryan leading us far.

Turning southward, camels gliding,
Down the Damascus road by night,
Descending down the Golan heights,
Three searchers follow the wondrous light.

Pressing onward, pursuing the star,
Under the sparkling dome of night,
Behold the glistening Sea of Galilee,
Glittering sheen of silver moonlight.

Rome’s client king in holy Jerusalem
Knows the ancient oracle’s meaning.
Priests and scribes of Herod the Great
Point three magi to Bethlehem seeking.

“Inform me where you find the child,”
Herod beguiles with malevolent lies.
The Dusty OnesWarned in dreams to go home a new way,
Three shadows vanish from Herod’s spies.

Joseph too is warned in dreams.
The family leaves calmly, gone at first light,
Joining with others the safe road to freedom,
Believing and knowing that all will be right.

Gifts of the magi buy help unexpected,
Hope for the dusty ones again on the road,
Food and a small house and safety in Egypt,
Unlooked for grace the Lord has bestowed.

Each day of exile they bless their protectors,
Three foreign men of generous behavior,
Remembering three magi seeking a family,
To honor a child who would be their savior.

News of the passing of Herod the Great
Offers a moment of grateful thanksgiving.
The Dusty OnesThen back on the road from Egypt to home,
To far Galilee for a new chance at living.

To Joseph and Mary, his father and mother,
Young Jesus in Nazareth is subject to them.
Recalling in wisdom and stature and favor
Three friends of a family in cold Bethlehem.