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Iran threatens Israel

October 11, 2023 – The White House maintains there is no direct link between the surprise invasion of Israel by Gaza’s Hamas militants this weekend, and Iran, even though Iran has provided weapons and money to Hamas for decades. However, President Biden Wednesday issued a warning to the Iranian regime to “be careful.” Ed O’Keefe has details.

October 17, 2023 – Iran says Israel could “suffer a huge earthquake” if Israel forces don’t leave Gaza. This comes as a threat from Iran’s prime minister over the weekend. We sat down with an expert talk about what’s unfolding and how the war is already beginning to escalate, with a ground attack in the works and Lebanon getting involved. The threat could also bring concerns for the U.S.

October 18, 2023 – WARNING: This video contains extremely graphic footage recovered from the Hamas invasion and massacre in southern Israel on October 7th, 2023.

0:05-3:08 – Footage from car dashcams and security cameras showing Hamas entering Israeli communities, shooting civilians in their cars and as they were running away, and looting their bodies and vehicles.

2:58 – We see a Hamas terrorist throw a grenade into a bomb shelter; an Israeli runs out and the terrorist shoots him as he is running away.

3:12-8:10 – Footage recovered from terrorists’ cameras as they invaded the southern towns of Be’eri, Kfar Aza, Sufim, and Re’em and broke into home after home.

6:35 – We see a terrorist shoot the wheels of a parked ambulance.

8:04 – We see terrorists standing still in the midst of a red alert siren (“tzeva adom”) due to their own rockets that they were firing into southern Israel at the same time as their invasion and massacre.

8:13-10:49 – Extremely graphic: the aftermath of the massacre in the Israeli southern towns. We see homes, including children’s bedrooms, covered in blood; endless rubble; people burned alive in their cars; and a dog shot and disfigured.

November 5, 2023 – If the Ukraine war is a proxy war between the US and Russia, then the Gaza war is a proxy war between Iran and Israel. For the past 20 years, Iran has repeated threatened to wipe Israel off the map and has built a ring of fire consisting of 19 armed groups around Israel that include Hamas and Hezbollah. Israel perceives Iran as an existential threat and the Mossad, Israel’s famed intelligence agency, has devoted its best resources to stop Iran’s nuclear program. In this video, we talk to Ilan Evyatar about his new book Target Tehran that provides a detailed account of how the Mossad has set back Iran’s nuclear program and changed the balance of power in the Middle East. David Woo, a former IMF economist and a top-ranked Wall Street global macro strategist, tells it as it is. You may not agree with everything he says but he will make you reassess everything you thought you knew.