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Lieutenant Ori

Israel Defense Forces

Ori, a young Israeli woman, was born blind . . . but that did not stop her from achieving her dream of joining the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) and fulfilling her military service to her country.

Today, Lieutenant Ori is an officer in the Israeli Air Force. In spite of her disability, this young warrior woman was determined to serve alongside her friends, and fulfill her military service as a member of the Israel Defense Forces.

The government of every other country on earth would have exempted this capable young woman from military service. Because of her disability, she would be been prohibited from serving in the armed forces of every other country on earth.

But Israel sees things differently . . . instead of disability, Israel sees a diamond.

Nothing, not even being blind from birth, could keep this young woman from participating to the fullest extent of her ability to protect and defend her home, Israel.

The IDF High Command agreed, and had no trouble providing a way for Lieutenant Ori to stand up for her country, like every other young person in Israel.

The IDF welcomed this blind young warrior woman as a valuable, important, contributing member of Israel’s national defense forces.

This young woman is one of those amazing, dedicated, serious, hard working, exemplary female IDF service members that everyone admires, and talks about.

There is also at least one young person with autism who is currently serving in the military intelligence service of the IDF. Undoubtedly, there are other military service members with disabilities who are also completing their military service in the IDF.

The stories of these young people represent some of the amazing reasons why the IDF is universally regarded as one of the strongest and most highly respected military fighting forces in the history of the world.

This young woman, Lieutenant Ori of the IDF, represents the fighting spirit, the irrepressible soul, the enduring strength of one of the most courageous nations of earth.

I think there is way more to Israel than what most people can see on the surface.

The respectful relationship between the government of Israel and this young warrior woman, and other young persons with disabilities, is the visible expression of the invisible soul of a great nation.