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Russian Missiles

August 7, 2022 – Amid Putin’s war in Ukraine, another incident of alleged treason in Russia has rattled Moscow. Alexander Shiplyuk, one of Russia’s top hypersonic missile scientists, has been arrested for treason in Siberia. Reports claim Shiplyuk was working on Putin’s top-secret hypersonic missiles when he was arrested. Shiplyuk is the third top Russian scientist from Novosibirsk to be arrested in the past six weeks. Are Russian scientists leaking Putin’s secrets? Treason or paranoia, what’s behind the arrests?

May 16, 2023 – Ukraine’s military says it shot down six hypersonic Kinzhal missiles in a single night, thwarting a superweapon Moscow had previously touted as all but unstoppable. Here’s what the ability to intercept these weapons may mean for Kyiv’s air defenses.

May 23, 2023 – In just the first two weeks of America’s Patriot Air Defense System being operational in Ukraine, a reported SEVEN Russian Kinzhal missiles were shot down over Kyiv. Now, as Russia rushes to shift the narrative around their supposedly “invincible missile,” a third Russian hypersonic scientist has been charged with treason, and it looks like Russian President Vladimir Putin is looking to pin Kinzhal’s failure on the nation’s leading scientists. Let’s talk about what this means for Kinzhal, and for the future of Russian weapons programs.

May 27, 2023 – Russia’s Kinzhal missile is not hypersonic, nor is it invincible.

June 17, 2023 – The Russian Defense Ministry showed off a destroyed “Ukrainian tank”, which turned out to be Russian. On June 13, the Russian defense ministry published a clip of a burned out tank on its Telegram channel. The post read, “Anti-tank units destroyed a column of armored vehicles of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in Vremevsky”. However, the spokesperson for the Odessa military administration pointed out that the clip actually showed a Russian T-80BV.


January 5, 2024 – Russia’s has launched massive missile strikes on Ukraine, and they hit many civilian objects. But it’s a mistake to overlook the military objectives and explanations.

00:00 Russia’s missile strikes
00:13 Fighter jets and landing ship
01:45 Missile strikes not revenge
02:48 A different approach from last year
04:23 Overwhelming the air defenses
05:55 Ukraine is less vulnerable
06:34 Not only civilian targets
07:11 Complicating damage assessment
08:07 Air defense missiles falling down?
08:45 Missiles shot down
09:02 Electronic jamming
10:19 Hitting the defense industry
11:35 Reasons for Russia’s missile campaign