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It’s You again, isn’t it?

A special, sacred day in Minnesota
Wednesday, May 4, 2022

On that day, at the Veterans Administration Medical Center in Minneapolis, my friend will undergo open heart surgery to repair a damaged valve in his heart.

As it turns out, this hazardous journey into harm’s way is an unexpected surprise, but not the end of the world, just a very small tremor in The Force.

In that operating room, on that day, grace will smile quietly on a small gathering of healers, touch each one of them softly on the shoulder, and whisper, “You are meant to be a blessing to many.”

On that day, gifted doctors and nurses will bend over the operating table, to work their healing artistry on my friend for four to six hours, until the matter is settled, with confidence.

I know it is early, but that is what I believe. Anyway, no matter what the outcome, the Providence of God is certain. What He has already decided is a done deal. We’re just playing it out.

Many times, I have heard my friend pray, “You are my Lord, and I am grateful. Though I am the least of Your creation, You have always been generous with me.”

For my friend, Wednesday is to be another one of those sacred days, the continuation of many years of sacred days. His family, his friends, all of us, will stand silently, and witness the power of God on that sacred day.

God has blessed all of us with the wonders of this world, His gifts of loving kindness . . . breathing, seeing, hearing, speaking, touching, feeling, thinking, tasting, laughing, loving and being loved.”

This is one of those special moments in time, when something amazing happens right in front of us, and we will all know for sure, “It’s You again, isn’t it? I know it’s You. It’s always You.”