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Mass Graves in Bucha

February 28, 2022 – Burned-out military vehicles and destroyed shops were visible on the streets of Bucha, a Ukrainian city just outside the capital Kyiv, on February 28, 2022. The damage was reportedly caused by a fierce battle between Russian and Ukrainian soldiers. Russian troops have been trying to encircle major cities, including Kyiv. Ukraine said it managed to destroy a column of Russian armored vehicles in Bucha, a town which lies between the key airfield of Hostomel and Kyiv.

March 1, 2022 – Burned out military vehicles and charred bodies were seen on the streets of Bucha, west of Kyiv on Monday, evidence that a fierce battle had taken place between Russian soldiers advancing towards the capital and Ukrainian soldiers trying to stop them.

April 3, 2022 – Russian troops committed war crimes in Bucha, a town of about 37,000 residents on the western outskirts of Kyiv. Ukrainian war crimes investigators have discovered at least 410 bodies so far in mass graves and on the streets of Bucha. Ukrainian officials investigated war crimes in which Russian troops bound, tortured, and raped civilians, before killing them.

Bucha was under Russian occupation from March 12 to March 31, 2022. During those 20 days in Bucha, Russian soldiers raped, tied up and killed civilians and left them to die on the streets. When Russian forces withdrew, they left countless tanks in the yards of destroyed civilian homes and left the dead bodies lying throughout the town, as well as mines.

April 3, 2022 – Ukrainian troops found brutalized bodies and widespread destruction in suburbs of the capital as Russian soldiers withdrew from the region and relinquished control. Oleksiy Arestovych, an adviser to Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy, said scores of killed civilians were found on the streets of Bucha and the Kyiv suburbs of Irpin and Hostomel in what looked like a “scene from a horror movie.” Mr. Arestovych said some people were shot in the head and had their hands bound, and some bodies showed signs of torture, rape and burning.

April 3, 2022 – The images of bodies strewn across the roads in Bucha have shocked the world and drawn widespread condemnation. Ukraine has called the killings a deliberate massacre while human rights groups are accusing Russia of ‘apparent war crimes.’

The killing of civilians in towns like Bucha has been revealed following the retreat of Russian forces from areas around the capital Kyiv. This retreat has allowed Ukrainian forces to hand out aid to civilians in the city of Irpin. But in the south, Russian troops have continued their bombardments – this time striking near the port city of Odesa.

April 4, 2022 – The United Nations is calling for an independent investigation into evidence that war crimes have been committed by Russian forces around Ukraine’s capital Kyiv. As Ukrainian troops have re-entered areas close to the capital, after Russian forces retreated, they have reported finding mass graves and hundreds of bodies. The BBC has seen evidence of bodies of civilians lying in the street in the town of Bucha, some with their hands and feet bound. Russia says the scenes have been fabricated. Mishal Husain presents BBC News at Ten reporting by Jeremy Bowen and Orla Guerin. *** WARNING: This video contains distressing content

April 4, 2022 – Global outrage grew Monday as more horrific revelations surfaced from Bucha, Ukraine outside Kyiv. Hundreds of Ukrainians died there, many clearly executed by Russian troops as they retreated last week. Meantime, the U.S. says Russians are shifting their military focus to eastern Ukraine. Special correspondent Simon Ostrovsky and videographer Yegor Troyanovsky report from Bucha.

April 4, 2022 – A warning, this report contains images that viewers may find disturbing. Ukraine and its allies have accused Russia of committing war crimes, after the discovery of mass graves and dead civilians in Bucha near Kyiv. Polish President Andrzej Duda has called on Western allies to provide more weapons to Ukraine after the discovery of hundreds of bodies in areas occupied by Russian troops.

Israel’s foreign minister is condemning the reported atrocities in Ukraine, saying deliberate harm to civilians is a war crime. The head of Italy’s Democratic Party called for a full oil and gas embargo in reaction to images emerging of atrocities against civilians by Russian soldiers retreating from the Ukrainian capital, Kyiv. Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has condemned the “egregious and appalling” killings of civilians in the Ukrainian town of Bucha, saying Russia must be held to account.

Ukraine’s president has told the CBS network that he remained committed to peace talks with Russia despite the “atrocities” Russian forces were committing in his country. Russia’s foreign ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova says Moscow requested a UN Security Council meeting to discuss Kyiv’s attempts to disrupt peace talks and escalate violence with a “provocation” in Bucha. Al Jazeera’s Imran Khan reports Bucha, Ukraine.

April 5, 2022 – Russian soldiers in armored vehicles appear to have shot a cyclist at an intersection in Bucha while the area was under Russian control in March. Done footage has emerged that shows Russian soldiers in armored vehicles killing a man on a bicycle at that intersection in Bucha.

April 5, 2022 – ABC News’ James Longman reports from Bucha, where residents are detailing alleged war crimes committed by Russian forces, as human rights groups document the atrocities.

April 6, 2022 – A Russian officer who allegedly oversaw atrocities against Ukrainian civilians has reportedly been identified. Horrific scenes of mass graves and scattered corpses emerged after the Russians withdrew from Bucha, Irpin and Hostomel. The man being dubbed the ‘butcher of Bucha’ is allegedly a decorated Russian Army commander. Meanwhile, Ukraine’s defense ministry has claimed that members of the Russia’s 64th Motorised Rifle Brigade are being sent to the war’s ‘hottest spots’ like Kharkiv and Putin hopes that the troops will be killed before they are forced to testify in a war crime tribunal.

April 7, 2022 – Ukrainian officials accused Russia of a massacre in Bucha but Kremlin-backed media are denouncing it as a hoax. We checked both claims and found enough evidence to prove the Russian side wrong.

April 7, 2022 – After weeks of heavy fighting in Kyiv’s suburbs, residents who had been in hiding returned to the streets to find damage and carnage — land mines, bullet holes and corpses. On April 4 and 5, video journalists from The New York Times entered the towns of Bucha, Borodianka and Hostomel to talk with witnesses and document the aftermath of the Russian occupation.

April 18, 2022 – Russian President Putin bestowed an honorary title on a brigade accused of atrocities in the Ukrainian town of Bucha. Putin gave the 64th Motor Rifle Brigade the title of “Guards” for “mass heroism and valor, tenacity and courage.” This comes as Russian troops have captured the east Ukraine town of Kreminna. Kreminna is around 50 km northeast of Kramatorsk, the region’s administrative center.


April 19, 2022 – Russian President Vladimir Putin has given the honorary title of “Guards” to the 64th Separate Guards Motor Rifle Brigade which the Ukrainian Ministry of Defense has accused of committing war crimes in the region of Bucha. In a signed letter, Putin congratulated the unit for “protecting Russia’s sovereignty” and stated that the unit acted with ‘great heroism and courage.’ Ukraine had earlier accused the invading Russian army of carrying out “war crimes” after mass graves were discovered in the region of Bucha following the withdrawal of Russian troops from Kyiv.

April 28, 2022 – The prosecutors have declared suspicion (indicted) ten Russian occupiers who captured and tortured civilians in the Bucha genocide. All are from the 64th Motorized Rifle Brigade. It was this brigade that distinguished itself with special atrocities in Bucha. According to Ukrainian intelligence, this brigade is currently fighting in the Kharkiv Oblast.

After the whole world found out about the Bucha massacre, Russian President Vladimir Putin awarded the 64th Brigade for “heroism” and “courage.” In doing so, he in fact has confirmed that the genocide and war crimes in Bucha were approved at the highest level. The “Slidstvo.Info” team also joined the investigation into the Bucha genocide — we helped law enforcement identify the Russian occupiers and are now telling you about them.

00:00 — for which deeds Ukrainian prosecutors have suspected ten Russian servicemen from the 64th Motorized Rifle Brigade involved in the genocide in Bucha, Kyiv region
01:35 — Private Sergei Peskarev
02:13 — Sergeant Nikita Akimov, who kidnapped and tortured Buchans
02:38 — Corporal Mikhail Kashin
03:23 — Private Vasily Knyazev
03:45 — Private Hryhoriy Naryshkin, who is suspected of torturing civilians
04:03 — Private Albert Radnaev
04:22 — Corporal Semyon Maltsev
04:42 — Corporal Dmitry Sergienko
04:59 — Junior Sergeant Vyacheslav Lavrentyev
05:33 — Corporal Andrei Bizyaev
05:48— what exactly these Russian soldiers are suspected of

May 2, 2022 – WARNING: This video contains graphic footage and distressing details. A resident of Bucha, Ukraine, recounts what happened when Russian troops invaded the city and why he thinks he survived a harrowing ordeal with them.

May 29, 2022 – In this video we travel to some of the worst hit locations in Ukraine which faced events beyond words.

May 30, 2022 – Ukrainian prosecutors’ investigation into Russia’s infamous 64th motor rifle brigade has led to the identification of 11 suspects accused of war crimes. CNN’s Melissa Bell reports.

July 5, 2022 – Taxi driver and father of four, Ivan Skyba, was one of a group of Ukrainian men defending their suburban street near Kyiv at the start of the war. He narrowly avoided death after being captured with his comrades by Russian soldiers as they advanced on Ukraine’s capital.

Along with eight of his fellow captives he was led to a courtyard where Russian soldiers opened fire in a cold-blooded execution. The other eight men were shot dead in an atrocity that prosecutors are treating as a war crime, but somehow, Ivan Skyba survived by playing dead. Huw Edwards presents BBC News at Ten reporting by Fergal Keane.

August 30, 2022 – In Borodianka, a Ukrainian town in the Bucha district, northwest of Kyiv, 81-year-old Taisia Herasymenko says her son was shot dead by Russian soldiers. She is seeking justice and hopes a trial will come soon. The case is one of many that Ukrainian and international officials are investigating in the Bucha area where mass graves were discovered. Reuters follows investigators as they try to put the pieces together and look for any evidence of executions and torture.

September 6, 2022 – A mounting case for war crimes in Bucha, Ukraine, 20 miles outside of Kyiv, where calls for justice mount and a mass grave remains a haunting reminder.

September 21, 2022 – The massacre of hundreds of civilians by Russian forces in Bucha, Ukraine, shocked the world. It was one in a series of atrocities labelled war crimes by officials and organizations around the world. Fifty-six year old Galyna Tovkach has lived in Bucha all her life. In March 2022, Galyna’s husband was killed in a massacre at Bucha. The killings saw Russia accused of war crimes. ‘Bucha was a beautiful city with lots of flowers and greenery.

The city was growing and prosperous’, says Galyna, whose husband was killed when a Russian APC opened fire on their car. ‘Even when our car had stopped, they continued to shoot. They never stopped.’ As reports emerged of the atrocity at Bucha, which saw over 450 people killed, foreign leaders visited the city out of solidarity. ‘We have seen the cruel face of Putin’s army,’ stated European Commission President Ursula Von Der Leyen.

October 17, 2022 – In the Kyiv suburb of Bucha, a mass grave was dug to hold the bodies of the victims of Russia’s war in Ukraine. Scott Pelley reports from Bucha with some of their stories.

November 3, 2022 – For the extended version of this story that aired December 6, 2022, visit our website: Crime Scene: Bucha | FRONTLINE ( The @AssociatedPress, FRONTLINE and Situ Research investigate what happened when Russian troops occupied the Ukrainian town of Bucha in early 2022, and who was responsible.

Using a 3D model of Bucha, intercepted phone conversations of Russian soldiers and hundreds of hours of surveillance footage, the joint investigation shows, for the first time, what a cleansing operation looks like. This investigation focuses on the month-long period in which Russian forces remained stalled out in Bucha after failing to advance on the Ukrainian capital. When they eventually left in early April, what they left behind was evidence of a massacre, the scale of which had not previously been understood.

To analyze the patterns of violence that resulted in the deaths of over 450 people, The Associated Press and FRONTLINE collaborated with Situ Research who used drone footage from a Ukrainian citizen research group, Jus Talionis, to build a 3D model of Bucha illustrating the scale of alleged war crimes committed there by Russian forces. This video is part of an AP/FRONTLINE investigation that includes the “War Crimes Watch Ukraine” interactive experience and the documentary “Putin’s Attack on Ukraine: Documenting War Crimes.”

November 26, 2022 – In February, Russia launched an all-out attack on Ukraine. A few days later, drone videos provided the first evidence of war crimes – committed on a highway outside Kyiv. Reporters tracked down survivors and identified suspects. The investigating prosecutor’s office believes more than 30 civilians were killed. Who were the perpetrators? As it turns out, there is a good deal of evidence: Occupying soldiers failed to remove incriminating evidence before they withdrew from the northern suburbs of Kyiv.

Along the Zhytomyr highway, where the soldiers had set up camp, reporters uncovered a papertrail. Among other documents, they found forms that Russian soldiers had countersigned for the receipt of weapons and ammunition. These clues lead to a notorious Russian army unit. In “Death Road”, one of the many war crimes against Ukrainian civilians is reconstructed with the help of witnesses, victims and documents.

December 22, 2022 – We spent months in Ukraine, investigating who killed dozens of civilians along one street in Bucha, a normally quiet town on the outskirts of Kyiv. Our visual investigation unmasks the military unit responsible, using exclusive phone records, documents, interviews and thousands of hours of video.

January 9, 2023 – The massacre at Bucha is one of the most shocking events of the war in Ukraine. Over 450 civilians were killed by Russian forces, and eight months on, the families of those affected are still haunted by the brutality.

February 24, 2023 – Watch as Bel Trew reports from the ground in Bucha on the anniversary of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. One year on from the beginning of Vladimir Putin’s war, (italics) The Independent’s International Correspondent spoke to residents of the city, where the scars from Russia’s brutal occupation remain. “[I feel] nothing. I feel emptiness,” Anna, the grieving fiancee of a soldier who died in the conflict, said. “We don’t have anger. I don’t know, we feel just emptiness,” his mother, Tetiana, added. “He saved us… but we couldn’t save him.”

March 31, 2023 – Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy says his country will ‘never forgive’ those responsible for the horrors inflicted on Bucha. That Ukrainian town is marking a year now since its liberation, after five weeks under Russian control. What Ukrainian forces found, about 30 kilometers from central Kyiv, was a trail of devastation and evidence of possible war crimes. The images of civilian bodies strewn across the infamous Yablunska Street, in particular, reverberated around the world. But 12 months later, the move to hold those responsible to account is far from finished. A warning that this next report contains graphic images some viewers might find disturbing.

March 31, 2023 – Ceremonies are being held in the Ukrainian town of Bucha, where Russian forces have been accused of mass atrocities, to mark one year since it was recaptured by the country’s army. After Russian forces left the town, bodies were discovered scattered along a street drawing widespread condemnation in the West. Ukrainian authorities estimate more than 450 people died in the town Moscow denies allegations of possible war crimes.

April 1, 2023 – One can say for sure – if you take any war crime definition, the Russian army did it in Bucha. Over 9000 crimes against humanity and war crimes have been committed by the Russian occupation forces north of Kyiv during the first stage of the full-scale Russian aggression against Ukraine. Our correspondents have been in the hero city of Bucha, which held back the Russian horde and prevented it from entering Kyiv itself, and delivered stories of people, heroic ordinary people who endured and survived the occupation.